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Wednesday, January 6 - Friday, January 8, 2021


Call: “Behold, the land is before you. Go in and possess it” Deut. 1:8
Response: “I will go up, I will come against the enemy, I will take the land, I will smite the enemies, I will possess the land, I will dwell in it, and I will change its name for God’s glory!” Joshua 19:47
DAY 3: Friday, January 8:
TEXTS: Joshua 13:1-33, Hebrews 3:1-19, Hebrews 4:1-16

                        SPIRITUAL SACRIFICES
1.)  SACRIFICE OF THE FRUIT OF LIPS: With attitudes of gratitude, exultation and awe toward the Lord, acknowledge and appreciate Him with songs and words of Thanks, Praise and Adoration, respectively.

i. Acknowledge the Lord as the owner of your child or your children as gifts from Him and acknowledge and yourself and your spouse as His stewards over them.
ii. Offer thanks and praises unto Him, for the gifts of children to you, and to TLC
iii. With words of prayer of affirmation, present and re-dedicate your child, children, and any child or children under your care, unto the Lord for His abiding claim, presence, power and favor upon them.
iv. Ask the Holy Spirit to set them apart from every evil attitudes, languages, lifestyles and experiences of the land, and of life.
v. Ask the Holy Spirit to set them apart unto the Lord and His righteousness; and that they might live in the fear of the Lord and holiness for the rest of their lives.
vi. Cover them afresh with the Lord’s presence for abiding protection, preservation and safety. 
vii. Rebuke, cancel and nullify any early tendencies that suggest the presence of any negative spiritual, emotional and physical manifestations that are contrary to health, safety, and full character and physical development. 
viii. Invoke upon them, the Spirit of service unto the Lord.
viii. Invoke upon them the anointing for excellence in all things; especially in ministry, academics and career. 

i.) Offer special thanks and praises to the Lord for preserving TLC/CCM over the past several years of ministry and particularly, past year; and for granting us another year and many more years of successful ministry.
ii.) Enthrone afresh, Jesus as the Lord over TLC/CCM, and ask Him to have pre-eminence over all things to, in, about and around us to the glory of the Father.
iii.) Ask the Holy Spirit to take His place in our midst more than He has ever done; and to grant us a deeper revelation of the Son and of the Father.
iv.) Present and re-dedicate unto the Lord, the Senior Pastor, the Associate Pastor, the Assistant Pastors, the ministers and the workers unto the Lord, for renewal of zeal, dedication, commitment and strength for service.
v.) Present and re-dedicate unto the Lord, the members and congregants of TLC/CCM for renewal of their sense of seriousness, zeal, worship, fellowship, and commitment.
v.) Ask God for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon TLC/CCM for a renewal of His operation and move among us for personal and congregational revival.
vi.) Uphold the Senior Pastor and his family unto the Lord for a fresh release of divine protection, strength, health, renewal, financial and material resources, and overall grace upon them.
vii.) Uphold the entire congregation of God’s people at TLC/CCM unto the Lord, for a fresh outpouring of divine protection, strength, health, financial and material resources and overall grace. 
viii.) Rebuke, bind and paralyze all agents and forces of evil that are arrayed against TLC/CCM. Break up and dismiss all evil Gang-Ups, evil plots and break all evil weapons and works raised against us.
i.) Enthrone Christ Jesus afresh, as Lord over every Christian congregation, ministry and institution around the world.
ii.) Commit them unto the Lord, for the full exercise of His Lordship, rule and reign over, and through them on earth.
iii.) Ask the Lord to extricate any segment of His Church from their unholy alliance and contamination with all forms of spiritual and political organizations, movements and ideologies that misrepresent Him, His Word and His Spirit
iv.) Ask the Lord to undertake a radical exposure and cleansing of His Church of all forms of occultism, cult practices, idolatry, false prophets, conspiracy theories and other forms of counterfeits.
v.) Ask the Holy Spirit to pour forth a fresh measure of His presence and power upon the Church around the world for a fresh revival. 
vi.) Uphold every minister, missionary and congregation of the Church everywhere in the world and on earth, unto the hand of the Lord, for protection, preservation, safety and provisions.
v.) Commit unto the hand of the Lord, for breakthrough and success, every Holy Spirit-inspired and biblically appropriate or gospel-based projects and programs.
vi.) Ask the Holy Spirit for fresh anointing upon every congregation of the Church world-wide, with which they would prevail over all evil agents or forces, evil purposes, plans, power, works and weapons that Satan has arrayed against them.
vi.) Ask for the release of a fresh torrent of Power from the Lord against any door that has been shut against the Church in its Gospel ministry; Ask for the manifestation of a season of global harvest of souls by the operation of the Holy Spirit.
i.) Offer special thanks and praises unto the Lord for keeping the Union known as the USA, intact, successful, effective and useful over the past two hundred plus years.
ii.) Offer very special thanks and praises unto the Lord, for His series of deliverances upon this nation, especially considering the events of the last four years, and in particular, the events since the last election, culminating in the events of January 6, 2021.
iii.) Confess unto the Lord as the righteous King of Kings, the sins of the nation; and appropriate from the Lord, on behalf the USA, forgiveness from our national sins.
iv.) Ask the Lord to keep an unprecedented measure of His watch upon the USA, and to intervene to thwart every evil purpose, plan, power and weapon that Satan has fashioned for it.
v.) Ask the Lord to expose, confuse and scatter every Gang-up of human and spirit agents or forces of evil that Satan and his kingdom have arrayed against the USA.
vi.) Ask the Lord, to sovereignly and supernaturally remove permanently from every position of authority and governance every political leader whose attitudes, words and actions are contrary to His revealed purpose and plan of Peaceable life for Americans. 
E.) Pray for and, or about any other matter as the Spirit leads you…

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