4550 White Plains Rd, Bronx NY 10470

                     18Th Anniversary Celebration

                                   Nov. 14-21, 2021


Theme: “…Reaching forward to what lies ahead.” (Philippians 3: 14)


                        PRAYER AND FASTING SCHEDULE 3

DAY 3 - Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021:

Text: Hebrews 4: 1-16



  • Denounce and renounce or repent from every aspect of self, flesh, sin, and weight that stand against your effective ministration as a priest in this season and beyond.

  • Put aside doubt, unbelief, fear, anxiety, worry and distraction; as well as all other possible hindrances to effective priestly ministrations of prayer and fasting.

  • Ask for, and appropriate a fresh personal purification and sanctification with the blood of Jesus, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

  • Approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, and present yourself to him as a priest, for the ministry of prayer with fasting, for this season and beyond.

  • Invoke a fresh measure of the person and presence of the Holy Spirit upon yourself, and your environment.



  • Acknowledge God’s covenant goodness, mercy and lovingkindness toward you, your family and TLC/CCM, with attitudes, words, songs and acts of thanksgiving unto Him.

  • Acknowledge God’s manifestation of His gracious power in you, and His demonstration of His great and mighty power against Satan and his kingdom for your wellbeing and those of your household and TLC/CCM: Offer unto Him in response, attitudes, words and songs of praises.

  • Acknowledge the uniqueness and beauty of the uniqueness of God, revealed in His holiness, majesty, splendor and glory. In response, offer unto Him attitudes, words and songs of adoration.

  3.  SACRIFICES OF PRAYER: As the Spirit leads, and by faith, offer unto God with attitudes and words of belief, with petitions and intercessions pertaining to needs in the following areas of TLC/CCM as a congregation and ministry:


 i.)  THE CONGREGATION: Prayer the Lord’s intervention with grace in the following aspects of the corporate or congregational lives of members of TLC:

 a.) Commitment- manifestations of commitment, and submission to the Lord and to one another.

b.)  Fellowship: Greater manifestations of the spirit of fellowship during and beyond times of congregational worship services.

c.) Service-Engagement of members service to the Lord, namely to His kingdom and to one another, with by the Holy Spirit, with a sense of consistency in; availability, dedication, conscientiousness, responsibility, accountability, and overall seriousness toward God and the things or work of God.

d.) Devotion and Revival: A fresh experience of the Outpoured Holy Spirit for revival and devotion in; personal and corporate praise, prayer, evangelism, giving, and other areas of personal and corporate devotion and worship.

e.) WELL-BEING: The abiding overshadowing and encircling presence of the Lord by the Holy Spirit, upon the entire congregation; for the sustenance of continuing divine protection, preservation, safety, provision, longevity and overall wellbeing of every member, family/home of TLC/CCM. 

2.) THE MINISTRY: Uphold TLC/CCM before the Lord as a ministry and the visions, mission and mandate He had called us to. In view of this, address the various areas of need:

i. Opposition: Address-

-Every form of opposition in the spiritual and physical realms.

-Every spiritual, physical and human adversary or opposer in every area of TLC’S dealings with the outside world.

-All evil purposes, plans, power, weapons, works and agents that Satan and his kingdom has raised against TLC/CCM.


-Offer words of thanks, praises and adoration for all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and divine intervention God has wrought in the lives of many through TLC/CCM over the years.

-Appreciate with words of thanks and praises all of the local and global opportunities the Lord had granted TLC/CCM over the past years of ministry.

-Ask for the Lord’s intervention for TLC/CCM, with the opening of new open doors and opportunities for both local and global outreaches and ministries. 

-Ask for an unusual anointing with divine empowerment for effective and fruitful TLC’S membership for effective and fruitful local and global outreaches. 

-Ask for an unusual anointing for favor and increased traffic to our Radio broadcasts and social media outlets by local, regional, national and global audience.

-Ask for a harvest of souls in TLC through the flocking of men, women and children like a flock, for hearing of God’s Word and the experience of His gracious redemption, salvation, deliverance, healings, Baptisms, etc.

-Address by rebuking and bulldozing of all limitations and hindrances that stand in the way to TLC’S rise, growth, expansion and effective ministry.


-The spiritual and human rulers and authorities (Principalities and powers; strong men and strong women) in the neighborhood

-The False gods worshiped in the neighborhood.

-The human mediators and practitioners of such worship.

-The various manifestations of darkness in the neighborhood; especially through such evil activities as: witchcraft, idolatry, occultism, violence, drug trafficking, prostitution, sexual immoralities, perversions, Party spirits and revels, poverty, etc.

-Insensitivity and indifference to the Gospel and the Lord.

4.) MISCELLANEOUS: Any prayer as the Spirit leads…

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