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Triumphant Life Church

Bronx, N.Y

Consecration 2024

Wednesday, January 3 – Friday, January 5, 2024

Prayer and Fasting Schedule


Day 3: Friday, January 5

Text: (Numbers 24: 1-25)

1.) Personal Consecration: Present yourself before the Lord in consecration and for priesthood ministry through Prayer and fasting by:

-Examining the heart of, denouncing, renouncing and repenting of any sinful or wrong attitudes, words and acts.

-Set yourself apart from self, flesh and all non-essential chores and activities.

-With words of commitment offer your heart, attitude, mouth and entire being unto the Lord, for a life of prayer, worship or service in this season of consecration and beyond. 

-Call upon the Spirit of the Lord for a new measure of His presence and power upon you; and operation through you.

2.) Enter His Gates and Courts: With a heart of gratitude, dominion, triumph approach the Lord on His throne, with sacrifices of thanks, praises, adoration and joy unto Him in acknowledgement of His goodness, power and glory, which He will continue to reveal to, and through us in this year.

3.) Prayers of Commitments/ Prophetic Prayers: Offer prayers of commitment and prophetic prayers over the following areas of your life, TLC/CCM, and other areas that will impact your life in 2024, and beyond:

A.) Children/Grand-children: 

-Commit unto the hand of the Lord God, every child and grand- child of any age whom He had given you, asking that He would keep, protect and preserve them with His presence and power through the year 2024, and beyond.

-Ask the Holy Spirit to guide each and everyone of these children and grand-children away from the presence, power and operation of Satan’s evil purposes, plans, servants, and works; and that He would lead them to the core of the Lord’s will: in order that they will experience all of His divine purposes, plans, provisions and works which He has appointed for them in 2024, and beyond.

-Commit them to the sure manifestation and experience in 2024 and beyond, of every form of divine grace of favor for success, excellence and elevation in their academic, professional, career, business and ministerial endeavors.

-Forbid them from ever getting involved in, and participating in ungodly activities and in particular, such evil in the land as: sexual immorality, pre-marital pregnancies, perversions, idolatry, cultism, witchcraft, atheism, agnosticism, backsliding, drug pushing and drug use/substance abuse, violence, etc.,

-Forbid from coming upon them, all forms of evil destinies, especially-negative involvements with law enforcement agents/agencies and the judicial system, incarceration, premature death, pre-marital pregnancy, pre-mature parenthood, dropping out of School, and out of Church, etc.

-Pray over and upon them, the grace of abiding in the Lord, and the grace of abiding in the Lord’s house for life, living, worship and service.  

-Forbid by the authority of the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit, any evil experience from coming upon them in 2024, and beyond.

-Ask and receive from the Lord, a new measure of grace for parenting for the rearing of His children and grand-children in your care. 


-Offer thanks, praises and adoration to the Lord for upholding, keeping, growing and moving TLC/CCM forward in ministry, over the past 20 and 22 years respectively.

-Commit TLC/CCM both as a congregation, local and global ministries unto the hand of the Lord for a new measure of divine guidance this year and beyond.

-Command by the authority that is in the name of the Lord, and the Power of His Spirit, a scattering and banishing of every sort of Balak/Balaam; Sanballat/Tobiah relationship set up anywhere on earth against TLC/CCM

-Bind by authority of the Lord and power of the Holy Spirit bind with fetters of hot iron every spirit of Pharaoh, Balak, Herman, Sanballat, Tobiah, Nebuchadnezzar, Herod, Pilate and all other forms of evil spirit and human servants of Satan whom Satan and his kingdom have arrayed against TLC/CCM.

-Release by the authority of the Lord, and the power of the Holy Spirit a destructive fire to lick up and put away all obstacles, hindrances, limitations and all other forms of oppositions which Satan and his kingdom would raise up against TLC/CCM in 2024, and beyond.

-Call upon the Holy Spirit for a fresh visitation upon the ministry, individuals and congregation of His people in TLC/CCM Bronx N.Y, for a great revival that would have a global impact.

-Call upon the Holy Spirit to move upon and quicken the hearts of leaders and workers in TLC, in order that they may respond to Him and their charges with the Spirit of truth, consecration, commitment and seriousness, availability and consistency, humility, loyalty and submission to authority. 

-Call upon the Holy Spirit to teach and give to each congregant the grace to apprehend, acknowledge, receive, and respond in biblically appropriate ways to the Shepherds and shepherding He has offered them in TLC.

-Call upon the Lord for His intervention with unprecedented miraculous measures of the grace of spiritual, human, financial and material resources upon TLC for its completion of the various tasks, projects, visions, missions and other forms of responsibilities it is saddled with in 2024, and beyond.

C.) The Global Church: Ask the Lord Jesus Christ, the head of the Church would operate through the Holy Spirit and the Church in 2024 to;

-Rise up, confront and dispel all forms of the spirit of antichrist, and antichrists who are presently operating against His Church from both within and outside.

-Bind every spirit of Balaam and Jezebel who are operating in His Church with the goal of teaching His people to commit idolatry/occultism and immorality.

-Open the eyes of every false preacher to see their errors and repent; and to sideline all such who would not repent.

-Withstand and curse with a curse of futility every teaching and practice of anything He had considered and termed “abomination” in His Word; and in particular, homosexuality and all other aspects of the LGBTQ agenda, and program.

-Commit God’s Servants, His workers and congregations of His people around the world unto His hand for protection, preservation and safety from every plan, purpose, power, weapons, devices, agents, works, and experiences of evil in 2024, and beyond.

d.) The United States of America:

-Offer thanks, praises and adoration to the Lord for His keeping power upon this nation for over its more than two hundred and forty years of existence and history; and for how far the nation has come from its negative and evil past as a nation; as well as for the impact it has made in the world.

-Call upon the Lord to intervene speedily with His power for the deliverance of this nation from its present shaky condition, and from its uncertain and tumultuous future.

-Bind and paralyze all spirit and human agents who are seeking to orchestrate confusion, commotion, societal disorder, division, civil war, and the breakup of the union, and the restoration of America’s negative past.

-Forbid from resurgence, all such negatives and evil past for which America was known, such as-Slavery, racism, white supremacy, voter suppression, marginalization and disenfranchisement of minorities.

-Forbid and derail every ungodly agenda and program that both the “Left,” and “Right” of America’s political divide seek to bring upon the land and the people.

-Commit this years’ Presidential Elections, and elections at every other level, as well as continuity of government unto the hand of the Lord for His intervention with order, sanity, justice, protection of life and property.

-Call upon the Lord to sovereignly and supernaturally disqualify, set aside and sideline all divisive, corrupt, authoritarian, untrustworthy, and incompetent persons from the electoral process, contest and leadership. 

e.) Israel: Ask the Lord to-

-Bring the present war and overall situation in Israel to an end.

-Uphold, protect and preserve Israel, the Jews and all innocent Jews, Palestinians and others.

-Restore order and sanity in the land.

-Uproot and disband all terrorist organizations around the world and to foil, derail, and bring to naught all their evil purposes, plans and weapons targeted against Israel and the Church.

-Open the eyes of unbelieving Jews in Israel and around the world to see and reckon with Jesus as His appointed Messiah; and to bring them to belief in Jesus of Nazareth and to come into His salvation through Him, on the basis of His covenants with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

f.) The Nations: 

-Commit all nations to the rule and reign of the Lord Jesus Christ; and ask that the Holy Spirit will orchestrate the coming into the kingdom of God, souls from the nations through the proclamation of the Gospel by the Church in 2024, and beyond.

-Ask that the Lord will send in 2024, a new wind of the Holy Spirit for the bringing down of the pillars of false religions in the nations, and the blowing away of the veils and blinds of such false religions from the faces and eyes of souls in the nations of the world.

-Ask that the nations whose doors have been open to the Gospel will remain open; and that those whose doors had been closed to the Gospel will burst open.

-Rebuke all sorts of evil activities and operations that are going on in nations around the world.

g.) Miscellaneous: Prayer for any other issue as the Lord lays in your mind.

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