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Triumphant Life Church

4550 White Plains Rd

Bronx, NY 10470


Pentecost 2024 

Jesus of Nazareth, The Glorified Lord & Christ

“The God of our fathers has glorified His Servant Jesus” Acts 3:13


FASTING & PRAYER SCHEDULE: Wed, May 15-Fri, May 17


A time of corporately preparing in humility, faith & expectation and faith for our 

Pentecost Retreat through prayer and fasting

Day 3, Friday, May 17

Texts: Acts 3:1-26, Matthew 17:1-20, John 11:1-57

Theme: Jesus Glorified in Us


Thanksgiving: Begin to raise the fruit of lips thanking God for salvation, forgiveness, His presence, power, provisions, blessings, peace, protection, the opportunity to travel out for retreat etc.


As we make our way to the Pentecost Retreat at Honor's Haven today, we appropriate by faith a weekend of Holy Spirit encounters and manifestations by:


The Camp Grounds

  • Declaring Deuteronomy 11:24: "Every place on which the sole of your foot treads shall be yours." Claim Honor's Haven for the Lord, dethroning false gods, demonic rulers, powers, and strongholds.

  • Invoking the Holy Spirit to saturate Honor's Haven with His presence, preparing the place for us to dwell and soak in Koinonia (fellowship)

  • Declaring the safety in arrival and stay for all attendees and protection for left-behind properties, covered in the Blood of Jesus.

  • Asking that Honor’s Haven would forever be changed by the impact of God’s presence in TLC 

  • Those that are already at Honor’s Haven for other activities would also be drawn to join our services and receive salvation, healing and deliverances

The Experience:

  • Declaring Proverbs 23:18 that says “our expectation shall not be cut off”, command your heart to believe in faith the tangible manifestation of God’s miracles, signs and wonders for our Pentecost Retreat

  • Decree that the retreat will be an unforgettable & authentic life changing experience so that you may be a different person and a better witness of the power of Christ

  • Rebuke the temptation of tiredness, sickness, strife, resistance, rebellion, offense and any other distraction that may try to overtake our members and discourage them from attending this retreat and conducting themselves as believers 

  • Declare that our gaze would be fixed and focused on Christ, paying attention in every moment of what God is saying and doing and not the venue and it’s frivolities


Spend at least 20 minutes praying in the Holy Ghost through the gift of tongues, allowing yourself to be led by His presence (feel free to continue beyond 15 minutes if prompted). If you haven't received the gift of tongues, use this time to pray in your understanding and seek a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit.


Faith in Practice: Make your way to Honor’s Haven safely with joy and expectation!

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