Triumphant Life Church

4550 White Plains Road

Bronx, NY 10470

19th Anniversary

Wednesday 16- Sunday 20, 2022

Prayer And Fasting Schedule

Day 3: Friday, Nov 17, 2022

Text:  Ezekiel 37:1-28

Prayer Points:

  • Sacrifices of Consecration: With an attitude of Consecration and words of Dedication-

    • Present yourself to the Lord for the special service of intercession with Fasting during this season of Anniversary. 

    • Appropriate a new measure of the Holy Spirit upon you for life, living and ministry.

    • Acknowledge the Lord’s Fatherhood over the Household and Family of Faith known as TLC/CCM; as well as the His Fatherhood over every biological family/household and individual in TLC/CCM.

    • Present your household/family and individual members/relations in TLC/CCM before the Lord; and acknowledge them as those with which you are called to inherit and experience the grace of God’s Provisions of redemption, salvation and ministry in Christ Jesus.

    • Invite Jesus to establish/ re-establish His Lordship over your household/home; and permeate every individual soul, and nooks and crannies of your home with His presence.

  • Sacrifices of the Fruit of Lips: Offer unto the Lord, words and songs of Thanks, Praises and Adoration; in acknowledgement and appreciation of His exercise of His goodness, Power and Holiness for our wellbeing.

  • Sacrifices of Prayer: With a deep sense and attitude of faith in your heart, and belief in your mouth, lift up the following areas of TLC/CCM and their respective needs.

  • Spiritual: Pray that-

    • The Lord will release upon TLC/CCM an unprecedented wave of Revival

    • Every person in TLC/CCM with receive an unusual quickening and hunger in their hearts for Evangelism/Soul Winning, Prayer, Serving and Giving.

    • The Holy Spirit will fill every such heart with a strong and irresistible persuasion to engage in Evangelism/Soul Winning, Service and Giving.

    • That the drive of the Holy Spirit in our hearts for engagement in these experiences will not wane, but will remain sustained and strong.

    • The Holy Spirit will bring forth among us, and through us to the society a great Harvest of miracles, signs, wonders, and souls in multitudes.

  • Financial/Material: Pray that-

  • Mission Outreach:
    • The favor of the Lord that is upon us will continue to attract toward us, the favor of people, organizations, institutions, governmental/non-governmental entities, and other ministries.

    • The Lord will lead us by His divine power to experience Breakthroughs, walk through Open Doors and into the Prepared Places and Opportunities He had set in place for us.

    • The Lord would by the resources and opportunities He would release to us, use us to extend His love, power, provisions to those in need among us, locally, nationally and globally.

  • Mission Outreach:Mission Outreach:

    • The Lord will revive our hunger and desire for Mission Outreach toward the unevangelized and dying world.

    • That the Lord will prepare and reveal to us the places He has chosen to send us with His Word, power and love for the experience of redemption and salvation by the unsaved, bound, oppressed, sick, ungodly, etc.,

    • The Lord will prepare, equip us more than ever before, and send us with the Gospel of His kingdom to all such places around the world. 

    • The Lord will bless our Mission Outreach program/Projects with Harvests of redemption/salvation, deliverance, healings and Revivals.

    •  The grace with which the Lord has blessed us financially these past nineteen/twenty-one years, will abound for the release of immeasurable harvests financial and material resources upon us as a ministry, families/and individuals.

  • Divine Protection: 

    • Scatter every Gang -Up of evil spirit and human forces and agents set up against TLC/CCM, its leadership, membership, families and individuals by Satan and his kingdom.

    • Paralyze and shackle with fetters of hot iron all individual and group of evil human and spirit agents who have arrayed themselves against TLC/CCM, and its leadership, membership, households or families.

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