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                        17TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION
                           FASTING AND PRAYER SCHEDULE
                            November 19th-November 21st, 2020
Theme: Wake up and strengthen the things that remain…Rev. 3:2 (NASB)
Text: Philippians 3:1-30; 4:1-23
Day3: Saturday, Nov. 21st

(A.) SACRIFICE OF YOURSELF: In accordance to the revelation of God’s Word, and with personal words of consecrating prayer: 
i.  Acknowledge the Lord God as the redeemer and owner of your soul (life)
ii. Present your body as a living sacrifice unto Him, and as a vessel for His use in the accomplishment of His purposes, plans and provisions in your life and the lives of others.
iii. Present yourself unto Him as a priest for the offering of the spiritual sacrifices He has appointed for new covenant worship.
iv. Consecrate yourself for the ministering of the underlisted spiritual sacrifices for the commemoration of TLC’S 17th Anniversary as a God-appointed ministry. 

(B.) SACRIFICES OF THANKS, PRAISES AND ADORATION: with a session of songs and words of:
i. Thanksgiving: Acknowledge and appreciate the Lord for the immeasurable goodness, mercy and loving-kindness and mercy He had shown you, your household and TLC, in the past and present.
ii. Praise: Acknowledge and appreciate the Lord for the grace of:
The immeasurable exercise of His divine power and might against the enemy and his kingdom on the behalf of, and for the wellbeing of your household and TLC in the past and present. 
The impartation of His divine power and might upon you, other members of your household and TLC for continuing exercise and experience of divine dominion and triumph.
iii. Adoration: Acknowledge and appreciate the Lord God as the most Holy One. Also, with words of adoration:
Adorn and beautify Him the majesty, splendor, glory with which He is spoken of in His Word.
Declare Him as the true God, and set Him apart as different, unique and above all others that call themselves gods; and apart and above all persons and things in the universe.

i. Commit unto the hands of the Lord, every believer in TLC/CCM for a fresh quickening or reviving visitation of the Holy Spirit upon them, resulting in a renewed focus on the Him, increase in zeal, love and the manifestation of the rest of the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
ii. Ask also for a rekindling by the Holy Spirit, of the original sense of divine renewal, joy, regeneration of life, anointing, holiness and zeal you had, following your prior encounters with the Lord at conversion, water baptism and baptism with the Holy Spirit.
iii. Commit all such legitimate endeavors as education, profession, business, ministry, etc., that you and your family members, and brethren in TLC are engaged in for the Lord’s gracious touch for unusual favor, success and excellence.  
iv. Ask for the abiding divine presence of the Holy Spirit upon the Senior Pastor, His Wife the associate Pastor, and family for ongoing protection, preservation, safety and provisions.
v. Apply prayer point #iv above for the assistant pastors, ministers and their families.
vi. Cover all of TLC’S/CCM’S property and assets with the presence of the Lord for protection and safety from all sorts of attacks.
vii. Invoke upon TLC/CCM the blessings of ministerial opportunities, open doors, the breaking of fallow grounds, breakthroughs and venturing into new realms and dimensions of ministry, harvest of souls, increase in financial and material resources, as well as restoration of all that had been stolen from it in past years.
2.) THE CHURCH (USA): Ask for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit upon and in the Church in the United States of America, for:
i. The opening of the eyes of the leaders and congregants to see its departure from the Lord’s vision for righteousness.
ii. The opening of eyes of the Evangelical community to see its bondage to perverted partisan politics, and its complicity in such evils as racism, injustice, bigotry, racial supremacy, conspiracy theorizing, misinformation and deception, etc.
iii. A massive deliverance of God’s people in both the USA, and around the world from all those manifestations of unrighteousness listed in #3 above.
iv. A massive healing of all those that are hurt or harmed by the Church’s complicity in those manifestations of unrighteousness.
v. A massive undoing of every damage the Church’s complicity has brought upon the Name of the Lord, the Gospel, the Church and its witness.
3.) THE CHURCH (GLOBAL): Ask for a massive operation of the Holy Spirit upon the Church of Jesus Christ around the world for:
i. The uncovering and exposing all forms of spiritual deceptions, especially, false ministries and ministers, occult and idolatrous practices, injustice, perversions, and all other signs of the evil of these times of the end.
ii. Empower His genuine people and ministries with more gracious enablement with grace through the operation of the Holy Spirit for effective and fruitful ministry.
iii. Divine protection for His people especially those who live in environments of persecution and other forms of hostility toward Christ, His people and His Gospel.
iv. The opening of more doors of ministry and for the proclamation of the Gospel.
v. Commit unto the hand of the Lord every Holy Spirit inspired and Christ-centered projects, programs and outreaches around the world for protection, fruitfulness and overall success.

4.) THE USA: Invoke a most unusual sovereign intervention of the Holy Spirit upon the United States and ask Him to:
i. Expose, frustrate, ground and bring to utter failure every attempt to overturn the last Presidential election.
ii. Expose and bring to utter failure of all forces of political fraud, misguided plots, impunities, confusions and all other forms of anomalies that Satan has unleashed against American democracy, the smooth conduct of elections and transition of administrations at all levels of government.
ii. Release a massive measure of His fire against the root and source of the plague of Coronavirus.
iii. Sovereignly and supernaturally Pandemic outbreak of Covid-19push out of the USA and the rest of the earth, and into the wilderness; and smite it into extinction with His wind of wrath. 
iv. Rebuke, bind and paralyze the spirit of death that is behind this pandemic, and curse its operation with futility.
v. Raise the banner of the Lord’s name as a divine standard over your home, and every home in TLC/CCM
vi. Forbid the inclusion of you and members of your immediate and extended family, and other families in TLC in the statistics and lists of Covid-19 infections and deaths. 


Note: Adjust, expand upon or add to each prayer point as the Spirit leads.

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