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I had been tormented by demonic spirits and health problems (epileptic seizures) since I was born and these got unbearably worse as I matured into my adult years. I almost gave up completely thinking about suicide. Thanks be to God that in March 2013, He sent a loving nurse to me while I was in the emergency room for one of these seizure attacks. She came to me and informed me that the HOLY SPIRIT directed her to come and invite me to a church (Triumphant Life Church, Bronx, NY) where I would get completely healed and delivered from sickness and demonic attacks. I thank GOD that I was obedient and responded positively to the nurse’s invitation. After hearing the Word of God preached by Pastor Isidore Agoha, he led me to Christ and prayed for my healing and deliverance from sickness, and demonic attacks. In May I went with the church on their annual Pentecost Retreat and was water-baptized. Hallelujah this was a brand new experience for me. Unfortunately by the month of August 2013, I allowed distractions to take the place of going to church and hearing the word of God preached. I found myself wanting to give up on life again due to these health issues which had returned and also prevented me from maintaining a job or getting a new job. But God had the loving, caring members of Triumphant Life Church call me, comfort and encourage me not to give up. They let me know that I was being tempted by the devil to keep me out of the church because he knew God had totally healed and delivered me from satan’s bondage on the cross. I repented and sought God’s forgiveness, drew closer unto Him through attending church services regularly. Thereafter, as I once again faithfully served the Lord, attended church services and heard the Word of God I was being renewed in all areas of my life. Suddenly, several good job offers came my way which made me have the benefit of making my own choice. I know that– JEHOVAH (Father), JESUS (Son) and HOLY SPIRIT (Spirit) totally reigns upon this church – Triumphant Life Church. I now ensure to keep myself committed, dedicated, devoted and submitted unto GOD forever and with GOD’s blessing of the gift of His Spirit – the HOLY SPIRIT which I have, I am blessed. All thanks unto Awesome, Perfect LORD GOD Almighty forevermore and thanks to GOD’s Minister – Pastor Isidore Agoha and the entire church family forever in JESUS Mighty, Perfect, Holy Name above all other names, Amen!!!!!!!


Bronx, NY

When I first came to Triumphant Life Church I was very disobedient, I thought I knew everything. I would not do what God says through the pastor but in the last five years I have been here, I have learned to be obedient to the word of God, knowing that there is power in what I say. I have also learned that I have power over satan and I do not have to take his “stuff”. The teachings at TLC are like none other. I thank God everyday for bringing me to TLC.

D. Johnson

Bronx, NY

In the summer of 2009, I became afflicted by witchcraft demon, a curse that tormented me day and night. I had feelings of insects crawling all over my body and biting me. I could not sleep because they were crawling into every opening-my ears, nose, mouth, etc, I was a Rastafarian and did not know Jesus then. It continued through October 14th 2010 and since no one could help me I decided to commit suicide. I was miraculously led to a bookstore where I saw an interesting book “Demons are subject to us” and I bought it. While I read the book, I felt like God was explaining what was happening to me and telling me that he could heal me. I was filled with the desire to find the author of this book and thank God his telephone number was on the back page. I called him, scheduled an immediate appointment and went to Triumphant Life church for prayers. As he prayed for me, I felt power and fire all over my body and the insects were leaving through every opening in my body. I denounced, renounced and rejected sin and Rastafarianism and received Jesus as my Lord and personal Savior. Following my salvation and deliverance, God gave me a great Christian husband, my mother got saved, I was saved from going to prison and most importantly God gave me the Holy Spirit and power over unclean spirits. Sitting under pastor’s teachings, I have been translated from darkness to light through the word of God, and I am experiencing the newness of life in Christ Jesus. Praise The Lord!!!

D. Walters

Bronx, NY

Two years ago, if I bought a crystal ball to look two years forward, I would have shaken that ball hard and taken it back for a refund saying that it was surely broken. Born in Jamaica, I spent my early years with grandparents, as my mother lived in Canada before I relocated to Canada and then to New York. It was with my grandmother that I came to know church every Sunday. In Sunday school they would call me “professor” because I always knew my “Golden Text”. By the age of 18 years, I was ready to leave home, so I moved out to seek my so called “freedom” but what I saw as freedom was deep into bondage of sin and the devil. In 1995, my first son was born, and I decided to change my life in order to set a good example for my son. That took me into Rastafarianism. Admiring Bob Marley, his lifestyle, music and message, I was convinced that it was the path of truth-one love, one heart, live good, do right, read a psalm a day and smoke my “spiff” with as many “queens” I could find. Along with making music, this was the meaning of life for me, so I thought at least. But there remained a cycle of searching, worries, depression, insecurity, restlessness, unfaithfulness, dissatisfaction and hopelessness. Relationships came and went, hearts laughed, then hearts broke, breakthroughs made way for downfalls, inspiration gave way to doubt and procrastination. My life was a roller coaster. One day in March of 2012, I met a young lady and we spoke about my life as a Rasta. She told me she used to be a Rasta but she had come to know the one and true conquering Lion of Judah. Seeing that my nickname was “catchtca” she asked if I ever felt the fire of the Holy Spirit and invited me to Triumphant Life Church Brooklyn. I was curious to see what she meant by this Holy Ghost fire, I decided to visit the church but I told myself that if anyone looked at me funny or made me feel uncomfortable, I would walk right out of the door. On Wednesday March 14th, 2012, I walked into 5316 Church Avenue Brooklyn and into two welcoming smiles . The message was on the Pre-eminence of the Lord Jesus Christ, with Jehovah as the one true God. In that message, years of illusions and lies came crumbling down, what I thought I knew became vapor next to the truth of Jesus Christ. The pastor made an altar call but hanging unto self I told him I was already a believer; but he said, “Come my brother let me pray with you”. That was the prayer and the moment where my vehicle on the highway to destruction made a 180 degree turn. It was like electricity running through my body, eruptions in my stomach, bright light in my eyes though they were closed, I was lifted and weightless though my feet were still on the ground. After prayers, pastor asked how I felt, I said, “I don’t know what just happened but whatever it is I want more”. I renounced, denounced, and rejected sin and Rastafarianism and accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior. I was saved and delivered. The next day, a face that was always stone and serious smiled the entire day. That same young lady who invited me to TLC Brooklyn is now my loving, dedicated, smart and hard working wife and the Lord has remained faithful to me. To God be the glory!!!

M. Walters

Bronx, NY

Imagine while preparing your child’s lunch, your body starts to shake violently for 45 minutes or more. Your 4 year daughter watches all of these while your husband is frantically calling 911. For two years, these episodes occurred multiple times and my body will be stiff like a piece of wood. To add insult to injury, I would fall on the streets and injure myself, losing consciousness on two occasions. I kept falling at home with these shaking episodes and injured my body, wondering what was taking over my body and questioning why me? Things got so bad that the paramedics recognized me and would say “you teach at PS 181”. The doctors ran several tests, they concluded that it was all in my head and referred me to the psychiatrist. Then an angel was assigned to me in the hospital after one of my episodes on the street. Here name is Debbie. She invited me to TLC Brooklyn in December 2011. It was not easy, because I was not willing to go. As a result, I had to be carried into the church. The ability to give a testimony could not take place without me having an almost seizurelike episode. The Pastor prayed for me, I received salvation, healing and deliverance. Now, let us fast forward to present day. I can walk into the church without help. I can walk up for prayers without help from anyone. Recently, I walked 2 car length and directly into my home without help. My husband joked “I thought you were running a marathon”. I believe God that soon I will able to cross the streets alone and walk back into my classroom to my kids because God is on my side. A hearty thanks to my personal and Triumphant Life Church family for their never ending support. There are some very special people I want to express my sincere thanks to, they know who they are and will always hold a special place in my heart. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

G. Aird

Brooklyn, NY

I thank God for my daughter Debbie who invited me to this ministry a year ago (on my birthday). The warm welcome I received from members of TLC inspired me to give my life to Jesus Christ. Half hour into Pastor Agoha’s teaching I started receiving my first healing from chronic back pain without his physically touching me. Right then I realized that this is where I belong. By the power of the Holy Ghost through the laying on of pastor’s hands, I received healing from diabetes, astigmatism, major surgery was cancelled and breakthrough with immigration in my family. Pastor I thank you for your teachings. May God continue to bless you, your family and this ministry in Jesus’ name.

M. Curtis

Brooklyn, NY

I thank the almighty God for his blessings and grace over my life and family. The Lord remembered me in Triumphant Life Church when I was looking for the fruit of the womb and the doctor gave me a negative report that I will not be able to give birth. The devil tried to hinder my deliverance when on the scheduled day for healing and deliverance prayers, I decided to cancel the appointment because I wanted to go for a “black Friday” shopping. Thank God that the pastor used his spiritual authority to get me to set my priorities right and to make the appointment. It was a real deliverance from demonic and evil forces. After the deliverance prayers by Pastor Agoha, the Lord blessed me with a healthy, beautiful girl whom I named gift of God.


Bronx, NY

It has been a little more than one year since I have been part of TLC and my life has changed greatly since then. I had previously been to TLC in 2010 or 2011 and was prayed for during one of the Thursday evening meetings. I received spiritual deliverance on that evening and started attending the services but at that time my eyes were not yet open to the purpose that God had for my life and I subsequently drifted away. Nonetheless, I recognized that my deliverance was a miraculous work of God and I appreciated it in my heart although I felt a little embarrassed about the manifested process. After I stopped coming to the services, I went back to my former life of sin and became even more hardened in disbelief. I spent lots of time arguing with anybody who talked about Christ and mocked every religious person especially Christians. Few times, I came close to converting to Islam and up to the time that I was just about to return to TLC, I was contemplating joining some variant of Hinduism, had it not been for the Hand of God that swerved my life back (and forever) to His will. Around July, Sister Senami called me and re-invited me to TLC. The call was a divine set up. I had planned to go to New Jersey on that Saturday (July 14th, I believe) but the call came early in the morning. It was surprising because I always turned off my phone before sleeping and also hardly picked up unknown calls at that time. But for some reason, I picked up the phone that morning and I agreed to come to service on the Sunday of that weekend. From that time, my life began being transformed so dramatically beyond what I could have ever imagined. I began understanding the teachings that I was receiving and the teachings consistently renewed my mind and overcame the pride and the antichrist spirit that confused me before. Every message consistently reinforced God's calling for my life. I also received impartation of spiritual manifestations of tongues and other spiritual gifts. I am glad and I thank God that He had mercy on me to bring me back to His light and I thank everybody that He used to draw me back and sustain me in His will. I thank God for our pastor and thank pastor for dedicating his life to God's work through his teaching ministry. I thank those that invited and re-invited me to TLC (Stacey and sister Senami, and I thank the entire congregation for the love and fellowship. 

W. Owuor

Harlem, NY

Praise the Lord for I am a living testimony that God is alive. Two years ago my life changed tremendously for the better. On October 12th 2011, I attended church service at 5316 Church Avenue (TLC Brooklyn). I was invited to the service during a street evangelism. That night I gave my life to Christ and was touched by the Holy Spirit. It felt like electricity running through my body, I let out some loud screams and fell on the floor. Thereafter, I did not return to TLC. My life was in uproar, and one year later I returned to TLC. I wasn’t sick when I came to TLC but there were many closed doors and other problem areas in my life that only the power of God could “fix”. The teaching of the word of God I receive in TLC comes with fire, clarity and understanding. I want to thank God for my life, what He has done and what He is still doing. I thank God for his provisions, grace, mercy, favor and for everything. I also thank God for my daughter Tamya Biddy who also received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. I no longer stress about anything because Jehovah is in control. He takes care of all my situations and circumstances. I thank God for Pastor Agoha and the entire TLC family. To God be the glory for great things He has done.

T. Smith

Brooklyn, NY

I was lost in sin and doing things my own way until 2010 when I fell sick. I went from one medical practitioner to another with no hope or solution. I later tried the witch doctors but to no avail. I remember visiting one witch doctor, when she saw how complicated my case was, she got scared, hoped on her bicycle and ran away. I was so tormented by demons that my case looked like the “Garderene demoniac”. I was referred to psychiatrists and given medications that made me look like a “zombie”. All hopes of recovery seemed lost when one day a relation of mine who had only visited Triumphant Life Church once referred me to TLC. (According to Pastor Agoha, when the lady called him to schedule an appointment for me to see him, she warned him that my case was a difficult one). I looked lost and unaware of my surroundings most of the time. That evening, Pastor Agoha led me to Christ and prayed for me, miracle happened and deliverance I received. It was not easy commuting with my family from Staten Island to the Bronx and Brooklyn by public transportation for church services, but as I sat under pastor’s teachings, I was blessed by the word of God. As pastor would often say to look to the cross, and that everything has been done for us based on the finished work of Jesus Christ and to receive your healing, I did just that and today I am saved, healed and delivered from the oppressive attacks of demons. Of a truth, demons are subject to us. TLC has blessed my family and I with love and support and we are happy to be part of this family of God’s people. Praise The Lord!!! 

C. Smith


I was born and raised in the city of Benin, Nigeria. My religious background was idolatry. My personal experience of demonic oppression began at 18 years old. Late one evening, as my younger brother and I were walking along a wooded path in my village, I suddenly felt a strange touch on my right foot. Initially I thought it was just one of those random bodily feelings, but when I got home I began to experience all kinds of bizarre feelings in my entire body. I felt changes in my body that I cannot explain fully. One day, I got alarmed when I suddenly felt an electrical shock-like feeling all over my body. I was rushed to the hospital where I was admitted for treatment. Medical checkup yielded no relevant result. From that point onward, I was never the same. I was continually bombarded with ever-increasing varieties of bizarre and bodily emotional feelings and changes. I was taken to several occult practitioners and witch doctors for a solution, but with each visit my situation grew worse. I came to the point of hopelessness, fear, discouragement, confusion, and depression as family members began to give up on me. I even began to have suicidal thoughts. But for His timely intervention, a pastor from my mother’s congregation came to my rescue. I received Jesus as Lord and Savior along with healing and deliverance. From that day my journey as a redeemed soul and born-again Christian knowing freedom, peace, and joy in Christ began. However, after I relocated to the United States in February of 2001, I backslid and began to live a life not pleasing to God, engaging myself in immorality and by doing so I opened the door for those evil spirits to turn and invade my life once again. This time I even experienced worse symptoms than those I had experienced in the earlier episode. But once again, the good Lord intervened and led me to Pastor Agoha of Triumphant Life Church (TLC). At TLC, Pastor Agoha rededicated me to the Lord Jesus Christ and prayed for my deliverance from demons. Suddenly I felt a repulsive power between the man of God and me which threw me to the ground where I laid vomiting. I could hear him continue to command every demon to leave me in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Since that day I have not only remained delivered and free, but I have since married and now I am a father of three beautiful children, all by the Lord’s grace. Details of this testimony is in Pastor’s book “Demons Are Subject To Us” it’s a must read for everyone.

O. A

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