It's By Faith Through Belief: Discover Your Faith, Use It To Believe, And Receiv

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Faith is the foundation on which the Christian life is built, the ''one indispensable condition for any meaningful relationship with God.'' Yet so few Christians live the empowered life available to them through an understanding of faith.

More than simply a dry concept one hears preached on Sunday morning, faith should play a key role in every Christian's life, for it is the way to realize God's purpose and blessings. Many Christians wonder why they fail to manifest God's blessings in their lives. Agoha reveals the answer: failure to have appropriate faith.

In practical terms, Agoha teaches how a believer must boldly declare the blessings and provisions he or she has perceived from God's Word, and then act upon that declaration in order to receive. Christians will reap the abundance of God's blessings, as well as command an arsenal of spiritual weapons, when they learn to exercise faith.


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